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Natural Herbal Relief for PMS | Alina Sepeda Herbal Medicine
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Natural Herbal Relief for PMS | Alina Sepeda Herbal Medicine

Posted by | January 13, 2014 | Herbal PMS Relief | No Comments

Natural Herbal Relief for PMS

The Human body is an amazing self-healing living organism. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on  strengthening the patient’s immune system making it possible for the body to heal itself. Traditional Chinese Medicine also believes that a normal healthy body should function as it is designed to do. This is especially true for women. The female body is programmed to undergo monthly cycles of hormonal fluctuations to prepare for fertilization of the egg and the support of a healthy pregnancy. Due to these hormonal fluctuations many women  experience mood swings, bloating, constipation, cramping, irregular menstrual cycles, abnormal bleeding or even infertility.

A Normal Menstrual Cycle

There are a variety of Western pharmaceuticals both prescribed and over the counter geared toward female menstrual problems, which mostly mask the symptoms of menstrual abnormalities. So each period presents with the same (or worsening) symptoms. To understand how a normal process can go so wrong, we must first understand how a normal menstrual cycle should occur.

The menstrual cycle starts with changes in levels of female hormones stimulating the release of a the egg. Estrogen produces changes in the lining of the uterus and breast as well as stimulating maturation of the egg. After ovulation (release of the mature egg), a different hormone now is produced, Progesterone. Progesterone and Estrogens prepare a suitable lining for a fertilized egg as well as production of breast milk. If no implantation of a fertilized egg occurs, the progesterone and estrogen production stops and uterine lining is shed which produces a menstruation or period. The cycle then starts over again. and continues until around age 50. When the hormone levels can’t be maintained, the period stops.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Menstruation

In Chinese Medical Theory, the egg has nothing to do with the period. The period comes from breast milk. Milk is produced in the breasts then travels down the Chong Meridian to the uterus. As the milk passes down the abdomen, the heat from the small intestine turns the white milk red. Good milk production is essential for healthy periods, as is having a small intestine that produces a normal temperature. It is completely healthy and normal for a woman to feel tenderness and fullness in her breasts prior to her period starting. however, if blockage in the Chong meridian occurs milk cannot travel downward to the uterus. If the small intestine is too hot or too cold, periods can be abnormal. If the breast milk can not travel on the normal pathway, milk will go elsewhere. When milk enters other parts of the body disease can occur. Maintaining a healthy flow of breast milk and functioning small intestine is vital for a woman’s health, not just for normal periods.

Herbal Formulas for PMS

A common herbal formula prescribed by acupuncturist and herbalist is Xiao Yao Wan. Plum Flower brand Free and Easy Wanderer is an effective herbal formula to relieve symptoms associated with PMS and irregular periods. Chinese herbal formulas don’t treat the symptoms but rather the underlying condition that leads to mild or moderate and even severe cramping, bloating, head ache, and moodiness associated with PMS. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms and are searching for an alternative treatment for PMS we encourage you to complete our free online consultation. Our licensed practitioner will prescribe one of our herbal formulas which address your unique individual constitution and condition.

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