Alina Sepeda L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., M.S.

Herbal Medicine

Shopping for Herbal Medicine

At Alina Sepeda Herbal Medicine, shopping for herbs is easy and straightforward. We provide lots of information so that you can make informed choices. Herbal medicine is amazing in its ability to address underlying illness and thereby alleviate symptoms, but it is more specific than over the counter and pharmaceutical medications you may be used to taking. This specificity will determine how you choose your herbal formula.

1. Find Your Herbal Category

In our main navigation menu above you will find a tab, Herbs, that shows you all the different categories of ailments or conditions. Match your condition with a category and then see all the different herbal formulas in that category. As you click on each formula, carefully read the descriptions of each one to see which one your condition matches up with best.

2. Safely Choose your Herbal Formula

But you aren’t ready to checkout yet. Be sure to read the Instructions tab to be sure you don’t have any of the Contraindicated Conditions for that formula. Contraindication simply means that if you have a contraindicated condition, this formula is not for you and will most likely cause ill effects if taken. Then check the Cautions to be sure you are aware of the cautions. The cautions simply mean that this formula may or may not cause ill effects if taken. Finally, check the allergens information to be sure you are not allergic to anything in the formula, such as wheat for example.

3. Add Herbal Formulas to your Life

If everything matches up, simply add the herbal formula to your cart and checkout or keep shopping. It is important to go through this process for each formula you purchase. Herbal formulas usually have very few side effects and can be a wonderful and safe alternative to regular medicines, but they must be taken correctly.